Sunday, 29 April 2012

Did I have too much? Yes I did. Yes I did.

It's Friday, I got only one paper to go and happens to be a very easy paper. I can actually party and still be ready for my paper on Monday afternoon. I attend my friend's graduation party during the day. That was a nice thing I did because I felt really inspired after that. The fact that she already had jobs made ditch the idea of trying to quit school. (This had crossed my mind when I was doing my sociology paper. Most of it was like history and unfortunately, I really suck at anything that has too much theory)

At 1900hrs, my pal sent me a text telling me we should go drink. I got into comfortable shoes and ran as fast as my feeble legs could carry me. Wait....ok....I didn't run, I just walked really fast. At least I was making more than thirty steps a minute. I walk slowly because I always try to take the shortest route. With the school map in my head, I only have calculations to do.

I meet my pals halfway. I am happy because I got company all the way but they in the other hand had a different agenda why they met me halfway. Here's why.... My golddigger 'boyfriend' was around. I had not seen him or even heard from him for almost four months. My life was just starting to get well after recovery of that ordeal. Why the hell did he have to show up. My pals convinced me to go and told me all will be well. I walked the rest of the way murmuring 'all iz well' to myself hoping it would work.

When I got there, all was not well. Everyone was looking at me. Everyone was telling me 'golddigger is here' I could hear people shouting in capital letters inside my head 'GOLDDIGGER GOLDDIGGER RUN FOR YOUR LIFE' Why is that very scary statement repeating itself. Oh my goodness, I'm gonna get into a trance. I might just faint. Call me a hot male nurse. I might just need CPR. I turn my head and I meet my nightmare face to face. I don't want to say hi. I have to say hi. Should I shake his hands, I might just catch golddigging disease. What will happen to my poor soul after I catch the abominable disease?? Oh goodness, my life is officially in danger. I am dead.

Did I say hi? Yes I did, yes I did. I definitely deserve a clap for that. I said hi....I'll say that a lot coz I feel like it is a huge step in my life....I said hi. I hope you get the point now. After saying hi, I bought my 400ml vodka and my energy drink. I drank it and drank till I finished it. Did I finish it? Yes I did. Yes I did. 

Things were still not looking pretty. Do I need more 'V ions'?? Yes I do Yes I do. My nightmare wasn't looking any better. Another 400ml for me. People now start looking pretty. I drink more so that I can see people at their prettiest. My pals left to go sleep. Lucky for me, they left with my nightmare. I stayed behind, there was some event and I thought it would be nice to dance a little. Was kinda long since I shook my ass. When the DJ played the song that I liked, I was so excited that I rewarded him with my phone. I was in love with the DJ. Yes I was. Yes I was.

O_o that party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it. I danced my ass off and gave a DJ my phone. Wait ....whaaaat.....what did I do??? My phone is really gone.  .....and I gave it to a DJ!! Who does that?  I'm in deep shit with old lady. I better start coming up with a believable lie.   

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